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General questions
Where does the company’s name and the product’s name come from?

123 Santé-J’aime mon équilibre! : The name is related to the nutritional balance that comes from the “1 lipid – 2 proteins – 3 carbohydrates” ratio we’re striving to keep in all our products. In English, the name can be roughly translated to 123 Health – I love my balance!


[RÉMIS] : The name was chosen to honour the Chemin de Saint-Rémi, a hiking trip that’s 925 km long, a spiritual endeavour which was undertaken by the founders of 123 Santé – J’aime mon équilibre! in the spring of 2014 after the sale of their inn. It can also be related to “rémission” (recovery) and “remède” (remedy), as our products are good healthy choices to eat while one improves or maintains one’s health.

How can I keep in touch with your new products?

All you have to do is allow us to send you our newsletter, which can be done by submitting your e-mail address at the bottom of this page. With it, you’ll always stay up to date on our news and our latest offers.

The product and its benefits
What does your “lipid – protein – carbohydrate” ratio do?

We strive to create products that are perfectly balanced and that include all essential macronutrients in order to respect your body’s proper functioning and avoid overloading your digestive system with an excess in one of the three macronutrients; lipids, proteins and carbohydrates :

- 1 Part Lipid : Fats. They are essential to the proper functioning of your circulatory, hormonal, immune and nervous systems.

- 2 Parts Protein : They are crucial to our repair system. They are the building materials needed for our bones, skin, cellular membrane, antibodies, hormones, and more.

​- 3 Parts Carbohydrates : Their first role is providing energy (calories), but they also nourish our body with fibres essential to healthy habits.


Is there a way to know your products’ nutritional values?

The nutritional tables are available on the following different products’ pages :


[RÉMIS] tomato-kale

[RÉMIS] beet-apple

Vegetable powder

Vegetable seasoning

What benefits are there to dehydrating foods?

The [RÉMIS] dehydration process removes up to 95% of the water present in each bite, and keeps the nutrients that are essential to your health. Therefore, you pay for the vegetables and not for the water inside them! Our [RÉMIS] are low-temperature dehydrated for 10 to 15 hours (varies depending on the flavour dehydrated). Since the food is raw, it can be kept for many months.

Are [RÉMIS] 100% organic?

Every ingredient used in the making of the [RÉMIS] are organic, apart from the sea salt which, sadly, cannot be certified to be organic. Therefore, it can only be said that [RÉMIS] are 99.9% organic.

Do [RÉMIS] have to be cooked?

Our raw organic vegetable bites do not have to be cooked. They are ready to be eaten whenever, wherever you may be. You can eat them as is, or you can also add toppings on it (cheeses, hummus, shrimp, etc.).

What does your [RÉMIS] being certified organic actually mean?

To be able to put an organic label on any packaging or advertisements, a company must be certified by an accredited certification organization. In our case, Québec Vrai has the mandate to ensure that organic specifications are fulfilled in our workplace. To do so, they do a full annual inspection of our operations of our factory located in Magog, Eastern Townships, Québec. To be certified organic, we have to maintain an administrative and agricultural traceability system with our suppliers to ensure that all the raw materials used in our production chain meet organic standards. As a quick reminder, organic plant culture forbids the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers as well as the use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

Are your products Kosher?

Yes. We hold a certification given by MK, Canada’s Kosher Certifier. “Kosher” is a Hebrew word meaning “acceptable”. Our products are part of the “pareve” category, which means they do not contain meat nor milk.

Does 123 Santé – J’aime mon équilibre! have a food safety certification?

123 Santé – J’aime mon équilibre! Is currently setting up a HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) which aims to identify, evaluate and control any significant threat to the supply chain. Implementing this system will make it possible – soon – for our company to be certified with a worldwide food safety standard. All this to fulfill our guarantee to offer healthy products that are ready for consumption, and to continue our growth on national and international markets.

Sustainable development
Why are you not selling your products in bulk?

Our [RÉMIS] have a fairly long conservation time (one year) if they’re kept in their closed bag, at a temperature under 40 degrees Celsius. Selling the [RÉMIS] in bulk would expose the crackers to more individual handling and a significant loss in freshness. Anyone willing to buy in bulk can, however, purchase the 1kg size bag on our online store.

What about agricultural waste recovery?

At 123 Santé – J’aime mon équilibre!, we have a long-standing commitment to recover as much of our agricultural waste as possible. It is a sizeable business opportunity, and it allows us to reduce the amount of waste and, therefore, protect the environment. Specifically, the residue from our [RÉMIS] is converted into our vegetable seasoning or our vegetable powder. While those products are not yet available in sales outlets, they can be bought from our online store.

Online Store - Delivery
Can your products be easily delivered at home, or at my work?

Yes, absolutely! Since they were dehydrated, [RÉMIS] are light, and do not need to be frozen or refrigerated. The dehydration process means they can be kept at room temperature for up to a year.

How much are your delivery fees? How can I not pay them?

The delivery fees are 12$ per order in Canada. However, for any order over 55$, we’ll pay those shipping fees for you.

Are your goods taxable?

No! Both on the provincial and federal level, it has been determined that since [RÉMIS] are an essential health product, and do not contain any added sugar, they are not taxable. However, keep in mind that the delivery fees are still taxable.

If I order on your website, how long will it be until I receive my order?

Typically, the delivery will be on a business day, 1-3 days after your order (Monday-Thursday). In rare cases, the delivery can take up to 5 days, depending on the delivery service and the location delivered. Also take note that it is not possible to select a given delivery day, since we do business with many parcel delivery services.

If I’m not home when the delivery occurs, what happens then?

We strongly recommend having the package delivered at your work, to avoid such a situation. The packages are sent without a required signature. Therefore, should no one be there to answer, the package will be left on your porch or another safe spot at the delivery location.

What can I do if my order wasn’t received within 10 days of order?

In exceptional cases, the package could become lost. If so is the case, communicate with us via e-mail. We will follow-up with the parcel delivery service to determine what happened. Should the package indeed have been lost, we will either send you a second package, or offer you a refund, to your discretion. You will be kept informed all along the process.

What should I do if a parcel is damaged?

Rest assured that 123 Santé–J’aime mon équilibre! always takes the necessary steps to prepare and package our goods in conformance with the highest standards. However, in rare occasions, it can happen that a packaged is damaged upon reception (opened bag, ripped packaging). If such situation occurs, we ask that you contact us by email or by phone. We will then take arrangements to have a second shipment sent to you at our expense within 3 to 5 business days.

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