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[RÉMIS] now available in Lufa Farm's food baskets!


Since March 2019, our [RÉMIS], the most “vegetized” crackers in North America, are sold on the online farmer’s market of Lufa Farms. It is yet another way to get your hands on our organic dehydrated vegetable crackers!

What is Lufa Farms? Firstly, its vision is that of a city full of farms on roofs; to grow produce where people live, and to do so sustainably.

The company launched, in 2011, the first commercial greenhouse on a roof in Montreal. By using unused spaces, capturing rainwater, recirculating the irrigation water, minimizing its energy consumption, composting its organic waste, by using biological control instead of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, Lufa Farms is able to supply produce that was harvested on the day of delivery to their customers.

The company produces more than 70 vegetable varieties which feed thousands of people every week. It is also partnered with local farmers and artisans, like 123 Santé – J’aime mon équilibre!, to offer hundreds of fresh, local and responsible products on its Online Market.

“We cultivate the ambition of reinventing the food system and reconnect people to their food source. It’s what motivates us to cultivate vegetables on urban roofs, to create partnerships with farms and local producers, and to offer all of that to our members as fast as possible”, as can be read on their website.

Every week, their members are given a suggestion for a basic food basket containing 30$ of their freshest veggies. The members can then customize the basket by adding, or removing what to their tastes. The minimum order is only 15$. Lufa Farms has implemented a network of hundreds of
neighbourhood pick-up points, to deliver to their “Lufavores” their produce and those of their partners, like 123 Santé – J’aime mon équilibre!

To become a member, give Lufa Farms a visit on their website.

To see the 123 Santé – J’aime mon équilibre! section on their online store, click here.

May our [RÉMIS] be with you!

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