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Our [RÉMIS] at a better price!


Great news from 123 Santé-J'aime mon équilibre! in this early spring... who is slow to show the tip of the nose!

The price of our dehydrated organic raw vegetable crackers has been reduced in our online store to make them accessible to more consumers.


The price of our [RÉMIS] 84 g (regular size) packaging was set at $5.99, a decrease of $1.00.

The 21 g bag (snack format), with four bites equivalent to one serving of vegetables, is now sold under the $2 mark, at $1.99 each.

In addition, it is now possible to buy a box of 12 units of 21 g for only $19.99, a saving of 20% compared to an individual purchase. A practical solution for lunch boxes or forest walks.

For those who consume regularly, the purchase of bulk is really the most economical at $55 for 1 kg of [RÉMIS] (flavors beet-apple and tomato-kale).

Make an Internet purchase is made easy on our online store. And you get free shipping with any combined purchase of over $55.

If you prefer to make an in-store purchase, you can find the [RÉMIS]' display closest to your home or workplace by clicking on the "Retailers" tab on our website at .

May our [RÉMIS] be with you!

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